Blackbird Incense

Blackbird Incense

$ 30.00

Each Blackbird tin includes 20 incense cones. Feel free to burn the cones on any small dish or even on the tin’s cover. Cones burn down neatly and cleanly, and their scents fill a medium-sized room for about 2-4 hours.

Sofia: A floral and ephemeral scent, Sofia has notes of purple flower, green resins, and amber.

Hekkes: Truly extravagant, this scent has notes of exotic oud wood and floral nectar.

Gorgo: Smelling of wood bouquet and beeswax, this scent fills your space with a wonderful sense of lightness.

Izba: With notes of cedar and lavender, this scent transports you to the countryside full of smoky fires and wild herbs.

Ai: At the same time rich and light, this scent showcases geranium, rose stem, moss, and mint.

Blood Countess: A favorite for sure, this scent’s warmth is made from notes of frankincense, warm resins, and spice.

Targa: This incense seeks to strike a balance and communion with nature. A truly complex scent, it features notes of guaiacwood, teak, oud, copaiba balsam, frankincense, cedar, black pepper, nutmeg, choya loban, nagarmotha, saldalwood, smoke, myrrh, and vetiver.

Muru: Reminiscent of exotic grasses, this scent has notes of vetiver, cypress, and soil.