Feather and Wax Glass Jar Candle

Feather and Wax Glass Jar Candle

$ 18.00

Available in a 7 oz. glass jar, these soy candles are hand-poured by local maker Feather and Wax. Each scent features an original drawing by local tattoo artist Cloey Zikmund.

Burn time is approximately 65 hours.

No. 1 Pipe: Sweet & leafy tobacco, crisp fire

No. 3 Thorn: Clean rose, earthy oud, sandalwood

No. 9 Smoke: Crisp fire, earthy moss

No. 15 Vial: Calming lavender, musky driftwood, light hints of vanilla

No. 16 Smelling Salts: Watery cactus, crisp sea salt, bright grapefruit

No. 17 Hatchet: Crisp woods, earthy moss